Abenaki Terrain Park

The freestyle movement remains a vital part of the culture at Attitash Mountain Resort and our terrain parks, from big hits to unique rails and jibs maintained and kept fresh by a dedicated park crew, remain a canvas for freeskiers and snowboarders wanting to hone their style and skills.


Abenaki Park's Video

Smart Style Oval

The Abenaki Park will be situated on  Lower Myth Maker / Kachina and can be accessed from the mid-station of Abenaki Quad. 

Leveraging the experience and expertise that has created Carinthia at Mount Snow, relocating and developing Abenaki Park is the next progressive step for Peak Resorts to utilize a crew of innovative park groomers and cutters and central fabrication shops to develop and maintain freestyle terrain areas and parks that are appropriate for each resort.

Abenaki MythMaker Park - Down Flat Down Rail

Abenaki MythMaker Park - Flat Down Handrail

Abenaki MythMaker Park - One of Three Jumps

Abenaki MythMaker Park - Getting Inverted on the Final Kicker

Abenaki Mythmaker Park - Tail Grab

Abenaki Mythmaker Park - Fun Up Rail

Abenaki Parks: Bear Peak Base -


The Abenaki Park at the base of Bear Peak is our early-season set up area which then transitions to beginner elements once we've been able to build up our Kachina and Myth Maker parks.

Abenaki Parks: Kachina Park -


The Abenaki Park on Kachina is our progression park with medium size jumps & rail/box elements to let you step your game up and prepare for the larger elements on Myth Maker. You can access this park by getting off of the Abenaki Quad to the right. Once you've learned how to hit features, head to the Kachina Park to progress your park game.

Abenaki Parks: Myth Maker -


Here you'll find our biggest elements and a jump line with 3 booters that range from 20 to 35 feet. Once you've got freestyle game dialed from our other parks, built for beginners and progression, head on in to the big park on Lower Myth Maker to throw down. Big, burly features for the best freestylers out there. This park was home to all of our freeride competitions during the year and is a great place for you to showcase your skills. 


Terrain Park Safety

Smart Style and Park Smart are all about safety – having the knowledge and the plan to enjoy freestyle terrain. The five points of Park Smart include:

  • Start Small 
    • Work your way up to terrain & park elements you feel confident you can manage.  Build your skills before taking on new features. 
  • Make a Plan
    • Make a plan for every feature you use every time.  Speed, maneuver, and landing.
  •  Always Look
    • Make sure the feature is available and free of skier/boarder traffic.  
    • Call your drop & scope the area around the feature.  
  • Respect 
    • Respect the features and all others using them in the park.  
    • Respect staff, signage and safety measures.
  • Take it Easy
    • Know your limits.  Land on your feet.​

For more information about park safety and education visit:  http://www.terrainparksafety.org/