Our Vision for the Future‚Äč

Coming out of last season, the team at Attitash is committed to a revitalized vision for the resort. We are focusing our efforts on bolstering our infrastructure for a more reliable lift experience, improving our snowmaking capability. We have raised salaries and added benefits for staff to support recruiting. We are focused on bringing back the events and atmosphere that our visitors have always enjoyed. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes efforts we are undertaking for next season, as well as a major announcement for which we've all been waiting: The replacement next summer of the Summit Triple with a brand-new, high-speed quad chairlift!
A message from General Manager Brandon Swartz about summer at Attitash Mountain Resort

A Letter from the GM

The Attitash Chairlift Play Video

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon Swartz and I am the new General Manager here at Attitash Mountain Resort. I first off want to thank the community and the team here at the resort for welcoming me with open arms. It has been an amazing first few months in my role, and I have experienced firsthand the amazing level of dedication and passion that everyone has for this resort. I very much look forward to settling down and raising my family here in the Mount Washington Valley.

I also wanted to take the time to thank everyone who joined us on the slopes this season! It was great to see so many of you have a great time on the mountain – but I also recognize that we also saw our fair share of challenges this year. We have listened to your feedback, and we know that you all really visit Attitash for an amazing skiing and riding experience – which is why this summer, we’re going to focus our efforts on pre-emptively maintaining our mountain infrastructure to minimize any disruptions or impacts during the winter season. We will not be offering public attractions or activities this summer. Instead, we are going to focus on:

  • Supporting the construction of our new lift, the Progression Quad, returning access to our amazing beginner terrain.
  • Replacing the necessary electrical systems to bring the Kachina Triple back online next season.
  • Enable our maintenance teams to focus on a dive deep into all of our lifts to make repairs large and small to improve reliability moving forward.
  • Building a more consistent and out-front communication strategy including more regular videos this summer providing updates on the progress of our projects.
  • Re-evaluating and reimagining our snowmaking plans to ensure that we can provide an amazing experience for all experience levels as we ramp up our winter season.
  • Exploring new opportunities to hire the necessary staff by partnering with local seasonal businesses and schools while leveraging our newly announced minimum wage.
  • Continuing to build strong relationships and partnerships with our community stakeholders.

In other, super-exciting news: We have announced a replacement plan for our Summit Triple, with a brand-new, high-speed quad that will be ready to spin for the Winter 2023-24 season! Pending all the necessary approvals, this project will get underway next summer. We are beyond thrilled about this project and appreciate the enthusiastic and supportive response we've received from our guests and community. Some of you have joked that you've "spent half your life" riding the take-your-time Triple – but with this new lift, it'll be full speed ahead to awesome skiing and riding off the summit at Attitash!

Thanks to everyone for your patience this summer. We can’t wait to see you next season!

- Brandon