Advanced Reservations For All Programs Are Strongly Recommended

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If you have any questions or to make reservations over the phone, please contact the Reservations Desk for the Attitash Ski School and Nursery. Toll free at 1-866-376-4293 or locally at 603-374-2677

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Nursery Seasonal Program

All Nursery Seasonal Programs have the same dates and hours as Children's Seasonal Program. Expectations for nursery seasonal participants would be an outdoor ski session for an hour to an hour and a half both morning and afternoon. Weather, snow conditions and/or physical condition could affect these expectations. Student to instructor ratios in a group setting would be 2-3 skiers to one coach.


  • Extra change of clothes
  • Daily supply of diapers and wipes.
  • Comfort items (blanket or pacifier, etc)
  • Any emergency medical items regarding allergies.
  • Provide pre-made bottles and food for babies.

All other children will receive two snacks, lunch and a choice of water or juice.

If your child has severe allergies or dietary restrictions please be sure to check with staff to make sure we can accommodate these needs, or feel free to bring your own food.

  • Label all belongings with your child’s name.
  • Please arrive at drop off and pick up times promptly
  • Family members, nannies, and parents are not allowed to remain in the nursery.
    • Nursing mothers please speak with childcare staff.
  • If your child requires medication during their stay you will need to set aside time to administer it, as our staff is not authorized.