Donation Requests

Attitash and Wildcat Mountain believe that giving to the community is an essential part of our success and supports hundreds of organizations and events each year. We recognize that our business is generated from the local community and that it is imperative that we acknowledge that support by giving back.

Attitash and Wildcat Mountain Charitable Donations

It is the goal of Attitash and Wildcat Mountain to support the local community by providing charitable contributions within the confines of responsible business practices. As you might imagine, we are very frequently asked to support charitable purposes of all types.  Annually, we review our giving plan and allocate our budget according to predetermined criteria.  These criteria include a heavily weighted emphasis on local education and public health organizations.

Due to the large volume of donation requests each year we have created the guidelines listed below. Every fundraiser is important but because of demand we can only honor requests that meet the following criteria.


  • Requests must be made 30 days prior to the event.
  • Requests must be made to the donation email address. (see below)
  • Requesting organization and auction must reside locally, within a 150 mile radius.

*Standard donation is 2 Sunday-Friday, non-holiday adult lift tickets valid during winter operations, typically late November through mid April or 2 passes for summer attractions.  Tickets will be issued for the current season if fundraiser is on or before February 28.  Fundraisers occurring after March 1 will be issued tickets for the following operating season. No exceptions to this rule will be made. 

Application Instructions

If you feel that your donation request meets the guidelines above, please thoroughly follow the instructions below to have your request considered:

  1. Click the link to email:
  2. Insert the name of the organization/beneficiary into the subject line
  3. Please copy & paste the following information into the email body and fill it out (required)
    • Description of the Event
    • Date of the Event
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Phone
    • Mailing Address
  5. Send the email
  6. Please allow 30 business days for consideration and response

Due to the magnitude of requests received, we ask that you do not contact us by phone for donation inquiries or status. If you mail a physical donation request letter, you will be re-directed to the website.

Thank you for thinking of Attitash and Wildcat Mountain. We wish you much success in your fundraising efforts.

The Attitash & Wildcat Donation Committee