19-20 Capital Projects

Off-season? There is no off-season! Not for the unsung heroes of the mountain ops department, anyway. While we are hanging up our skis and boards at the end of the season, these guys and gals are hard at work getting ready for the next seasons opening day.


In the snowmaking world, these trails have received a variety of improvements; Cathedral, Moat, Grandstand, Upper Spillway, Lower Saco, and Ammonoosuc.  Much of the upgrades include replacing old water lines with larger pipe, which allows for increased flow and pressure. In addition to replacing a lot of pipe, the highlights of this summer’s work include widening the Cathedral trail by 20’, and adding 25 new Snow Logic DV7 low-e tower guns, upgrading our snowmaking control system to allow for operational efficiencies, and several rebuilt pumps and valve-house improvements.

Keeping up with our annual maintenance plan, our lifts team has also been diligently working through projects on each of our lifts. The big news is that the Summit Triple has been repaired and is ready for the winter season. Additionally, the Flying Yankee had its entire drive line rebuilt while the Abenaki received a new drive, the learning center triple and West Double-Double had their drives rebuilt, and the Flying Bear lift had its electric motor rebuilt.

The buildings and grounds crew has also performed a lot of maintenance on our lodges, but most importantly, the Bear Peak roof has been sealed.

While we give shout-outs to these departments during the winter, they deserve just as much, if not more praise during the summer months! Thank you, mountain ops.


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